How to Motivate employees

To convey the errors of an employee is really important. So that he is aware about them and rectifies them next time. But constantly pointing out the errors and not motivating a person can lose the personnel. There are ways how to motivate Employees and boost their production.

There are two ways to motivate employees- Negative and positive motivation. One cannot use one type of method every time.


Provide them regular breaks or arrange trips.

Team work should be encouraged as  it helps in learning and solving the queries at a lower level. It acts as a great source of motivation, clubbing two or three people of the same profile.

Be transparent with the employees and convey them the actual purpose of task.

Initiatives, courage and energy follow after motivation.. This maximizes the chances for accomplishment of goals.


Monetary incentives are not only the key factors of motivation but appraisal and recognition are the most effective ones.


Yes, speed pace matter in the corporate world. But its better to go on instead of stopping.  

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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