[careerfy_about_company title=”About Our Company” bold_txt=”A little story behind PlacementConsultancy.in for Delhi, India market. Helping and training both Job seekers and Employers.” about_img=”https://placementconsultancy.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/about-us-thumb-2.png” btn_txt=”Search Jobs” btn_url=”https://placementconsultancy.in/listing-w-n-a-style3/”]Placement Consultancy is an effort by Essential Services Outsource Pvt Ltd team to cater a small business, that often have no help in getting started with the hiring Process.

With this effort we wish to Initially target New Delhi/National Capital Territory of New Delhi and will be gradually expanding our services to other Indian states really soon.

ESOPL majorly deals in IT, BPO and now has started dealing in the Placement Consultancy. The Indian market has great scope in Training, Internship Programs and Corrective Job Placement strategies and We, here at ESOPL are more than willing to explore such possibilities.

We definitely see a growing need of manpower and skilled labour in India. We take pride to share that we keep free On Job training programs for Job Seekers and Internship Programs, they get work experience certificate to showcase their Industry exposure when they apply for a Job.[/careerfy_about_company]

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[careerfy_call_to_action view=”view-2″ cta_img=”https://placementconsultancy.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/story-csr-activity-benefits.jpg” cta_title1=”CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILYTIES” cta_desc=”It is an honour to do something for the society in return. The company Placementconsultancy-in helps us to connect us with lives of human and understand them empathetically. We have taken the pledge to provide aid to all lives not only human but also animals in semi urban areas. The commission we get out of every candidate placed, we pay 5% to often age home.
In order to know more about our initiatives, get in touch with us at Our email address.”]
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