Government job or private job, which is better ?

Government jobs or private jobs is the most common question of students who are at the verge of finishing their studies. For both one must have to study hard and constant diligent work is required to attain a job. Government jobs, they are listed publicly- newspapers or on different portals. Due to this, it creates a large pool of candidates, who fulfill the eligibility criteria. While on the other hand, private job vacancy is fulfilled by consultancies or through referrals. 

There is a tug of war between government jobs and private jobs because they have pros and cons of their own.


In each and every field there is hard struggle and cut throat competition. Thus a person must be opportunist and to be opportunists, one must have enough options. Always carry a backup plan with yourself. Because government jobs are not that easy to avail, they have a caste quota system too in jobs. General category considers them as the most affected ones but indeed they are not. You will come to know HOW about it at the end of this article.

In the initial stages of career, Yes people move to quench their thirst for money. But on the longer term these terms don’t fit well for life. In the Government sector, you may get less basic pay but those benefits and perks are literally amazing. Especially, if the person lives in fantasies then those perks will attract him the most. In reality there are standard norms and protocols on which the person is promoted not on the basis of talent. So at the end stage of your life will be a fairytale, not the entire life.

However if we have a look at the private sector then their basic pay is high with no such perks. People tend to go towards Govt jobs not only because of their perks but also because of Job security. Undoubtedly, government jobs are highly secured.No one can terminate you until and unless you have committed a certain crime for which you can be sued. While on the other hand, you are an employee till the time you are productive and fruitful for the organisation.

In the government sector there are fixed norms or call them as traditional norms that are followed in this dynamic world too. There is no room for a person’s creativity.

Gradually this makes the person’s mind and body so numb and non innovative. You need to do the repetitive task until you have changed your profile. The life becomes really dull and mundane. Whereas a private sector person remains proactive due to challenges and competition is faced on the daily basis. Person is actually able to see the ups and downs of life, but there life goes on with the same straight graph. 

The ones having perplexed mind, might be sorted now as we have listed all the pros and cons of both the sectors. We personally feel that the private sector is much better than the government sector. We have listed out certain profiles here.

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