Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Interviews are a way to analyse the candidates skills and behaviour within a minute or two. Our placement consultancy has come up with the best Interview tips.
Some of the Interview tips are listed here!

The candidates should prepare well for the interview. A good preparation will help them feel more relaxed.
They need to do a proper research on the company they have applied to. It is important to check the company’s history, background, vision, mission statements, details of its directors, past and current performance, financial status, growth chart, future plans. This data will help you to answer the question like “Why are you choosing our company.”

The candidates can practice some common interview questions and answers in front of the mirror or with a partner before the real interview. For example: “tell me about yourself”

They must carry all relevant original documents such as certificates, referrals and licences and their photocopies, pen and pad in a neatly kept folder

You should be well groomed in the professional attire.

Punctuality is the important factor, reach the venue at time or before time.

Candidate’s phone should be in silent mode.

Take permission before entering the room or before having the seat.

The candidates should bear in mind that your attitude and soft skills will be very important in their assessment of their suitability. So one must work on projecting a positive outlook at the interview. Remember not to fake up as interviewers can sense that through their experience.

Make eye contact (while smiling) with all the members of the interview board

Wait for them to ask you questions. Be an active listener.

Maintain eye contact. Do not look down or twiddle with your thumbs.

At the time of the interview don’t rush up with your answers as this will fumble up your answers . Talk slowly and complete each word clearly.
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