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Are you lacking the performance because of slow typing, despite using the right fingers at the right keys? In the professional world accuracy and speed both count their marks. Hence there are many job profiles like data entry where you are asked to mention your typing speed.You can improve and test regularly with us without any ads or payment. Our placement consultancy has brought up an online typing speed test in which we track your progress so you can see how your typing speed and accuracy increase over time.

Why do Jobseekers or employees require a typing test ?

Typing speed with a high percentage of accuracy will help in being productive with a good efficiency rate. This will help you to assess your current potential.
And you can even compare your typing speed with laymen technique and with the ten finger technique.

How to improve typing speed ?

Follow up these measures to improve your typing speed:

Each finger has its own room space on the keyboard and work is delegated to all.
Spot your fingers on the ASDF and JKL; keys which are situated in the centerline of the letter keys. This line is called home row since you generally start from these keys and consistently come back to them.
F and J keys under your pointers ought to have a raised line on them so we can find them without taking a glance at them.
The shift key is always pressed by the little finger
Utilize the thumb of whichever hand is increasingly advantageous for you to press the Spacebar.

Do not concentrate on speed at first, as accuracy is more important. Later on speed will improve on its own. This method is inconvenient at first but you should not stop. It will be beneficial at last.

You can test your typing speed and get certificate with our placement consultancy for free.

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