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Covid19 has taught us a great lesson, we must move to the digital world, growing population, traffic and disease should be avoided at any cost. Life’s are most precious asset for the family. Lets learn these courses to enhance your Skills for online works.

If one door closes, another one opens.

Here at PlacementConsultancy.IN, We strive to provide that one open door to the Work From Home Mothers, Part Timers, Start Up Business, Freelancers, Jobseekers. We aspire to help the jobseekers with our services. One of those being Online Video Chat Trainings.

With the rising necessity of online working and jobs needing computer friendly candidates, we with our services provide the best trainings to help the Job Seekers acquire new skill sets.

As a Job seeker in this modern world, it is essential that one should have the ability and eagerness to learn new skills with every opportunity one can get. At times, one has the technical ability or the necessary knowledge that a job requires, but lacking certain skills makes it difficult to land a job that one has dreamed of. Thus, we here are trying our best to provide the necessary training on those skillsets and help the Job Seekers land their desired jobs.

As we understand India and Indian job seekers are really lacking in the Real Jobs related trainings, we wish to introduce various relevant courses that will help you to learn new skills just not to get the jobs, but to get better jobs in future as you get experience. Indians are hard working, Intelligent bread, they have been missing right education and trainings and Guidance. We can assure you one thing that these skills will be so helpful for you that you would Understand Companies, Employers Pysche and Right type of Employees Attitude towards the work.

In India there is a saying Work is Worship, we wish to be your Mentors for both in Training phase and Internship Phase, just not that our trained Students will not have to pay the Consultant Fees to get the jobs, also you will not be limited to get the Jobs through us only, entire world will be your platform.

who can join

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Digital Marketing Training Choose Any Two Modules

  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing
  • Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linked in Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Online Ad Postings
  • Online Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • English Spoken and Written Trainings
  • Video Creation and Editing Training

Website Creation Useful Trainings

  • WordPress – Installation on Server
  • WordPress Website Designing
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins Must Haves
  • HTML/CSS – For understanding



  • Sales
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business Developer
  • Counselor
  • Email Marketer
  • Website Designer and Auditor

Interview Preparation & Job Placements

  • Typing Speed
  • How to share your Resume with consultants and direct companies
  • How to Prepare or Write your Resume | What components you must add in your Resume Useful Trainings
  • How to approach the HR of the companies and ask for the Job Vacancy, Share Resume and Followups with them.
  • Work At Home Resumes | Part Time Jobs Resumes | Difference Between Resumes and CV’s
  • Video Resume
  • Distributing your resume’s among 1000 companies

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What is inside the Modules

Basic JavaScript(ES6)
Basic & Advance PHP7
Complete WordPress 5.4.2 Development from Scratch
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
Social media optimization(SMO)
Content writing and content Marketing
  • includes CC 2020 Updates!
  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll have edited your own short documentary using either the supplied footage (video clips, photos, graphics, music, etc.), or your own footage!
  • Start a project with the right settings for any type of video, from any camera.
  • Export and save your videos for HD playback.
  • Edit your videos, and make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos.
  • Design clean and professional titles for you videos.
  • Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos… making them more visually interesting.
  • Color correct your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  • Add a feeling to your video with color grading.
  • Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays.
  • Edit green screen footage and, add backgrounds that actually look good.
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[careerfy_section_heading view=”view10″ h_title=”Online Live Video Training Packages” hc_title_clr=”#1e73be” h_desc=”Please discuss the prices and modules are subject to the change as per the Market conditions!”][careerfy_candidate_packages][careerfy_candidate_package_item att_pck=”advance-email-marketing” subtitle=”Email Blaster Server Setup & Training” desc=”👉Learn tricks to get unlimited email database for any country
👉Email Marketing
👉For Bulk Email.
👉Create beautiful campaigns
👉A/B test
👉Send Time Optimization
👉Advanced reports
👉Contact List Management
👉How to delivers the message in the inbox
👉How to prevent your email land into spam
👉How to Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%2C%7B%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_candidate_package_item att_pck=”introductory-package” featured=”yes” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Limited%20Access%20to%20all%20packages%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_candidate_package_item][careerfy_candidate_package_item att_pck=”sms-marketing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][/careerfy_candidate_packages][careerfy_all_packages view=”view4″][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”video-editing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%201%20month%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”call-center-training” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%202%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”email-marketing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”whatsapp-marketing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”advance-email-marketing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”website-designing” duration=”1 month” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”job-placements” desc=”to 1,00,000 INR” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”interview-skills-and-resume” duration=”7 days” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”internships” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”basic-digital-marketing” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][careerfy_all_package_item att_pck=”english-training” duration=”15 days” pckg_features=”%5B%7B%22feat_name%22%3A%22Validity%20-%20upto%206%20months%22%2C%22feat_active%22%3A%22yes%22%7D%5D”][/careerfy_all_packages]


Q1. Concerned person to Enroll the course whom should I refer?


Q2. What about fee structure? And how it is paid? Instalment wise Or lump sum?

Fee Package is 70,000/- however we are offering this package for INR 25,000 to make it affordable, It can paid via Check Deposit or Online Transfer or from Debit Card, We allow only Lump Sum as the duration is of 3 months to 6 months

Q3. How long the course duration will be?

3 months (Theory) to 6 months(Practical and Internship)

Q4. How the class will conduct weather online class or PDF’s?

Live Online Classes with Digital Marketing Trainer, Employee Code of Conduct Trainer and a Soft Copy of Training Material

Q5. How genuine is your Live online course?

It is as Genuine as any Registered Business or Company is, we have been running our business since 2011 and understand the value and business ethics.

Q6. Weather our money is in the safe hands or is it fraud?

Yes it is in Safe hands, as it you are paying to the registered company. Also after the completion of your Training, you will get your certificate, and a Internship to work with a company.

Q7. How old is this placement consultancy?

This is a year old Recruitment Agency however the Owners, Mangers and Senior teams have the 15+ years of experience.

Q8. If a person agree to enroll how should I provide the details?

ID Proof, Address Proof, Photograph, Resume, Payment Details and Contract Sign up.

Q9. What kind of internship do I get after doing the course?

It can be any related to Digital Marketing, Website’s Related, Email Marketer, SEO Onpage, Seo Off Page, Website Auditor, Adwords Specialist, etc

Q10. If it is a live class it will be in English only or even other languages too?

Only English and Hindi right now.

Q11. Who is providing us the course are they well trained and experienced?

yes 5 – 11 years of Digital Marketing experience.

Q12. What if in between we don’t feel like attending, there will be refund?

We have a One hour Demo Class for that, this is a Non-Refundable High Impact Trainings.

Q13. What if student doesn’t have computer and if they agree to manage with the phone are they eligible to enroll the course?

No, only Students that have a Computer with good Internet will be eligible for this Course.

Our course Fee is almost 1/3 of the pricing offered by other top Institutes.

Our Training & Services are almost 3X from them.

Q14. What will be the Course Content?

We are adding our Course Content, you can read that in detail here

Q15. Training Method

We will training you on a White board via Live Cam – Skype or Zoom

You must have a Laptop and a High Speed Internet

Q16. How many Hours Daily?

1 hour Daily, Sundays are Off – Students batch

2 hours Daily, Sundays are Off – Professional Batch

Q17. Will there be any practical trainings?

Yes, practical trainings and tools are given to get you going.

Q18. Will my trainer be experienced?

Ofcourse, trainers are 4-15 years experienced, purpose is to add value in the life of Students and the job seekers. So that your understanding about websites, computers, marketing improves and you can face interviews really well.

Also this course will open up your options to get more job opportunities and help you to appear for interviews

Q19. Can I repeat my Trainings if I miss something?

Yes, you are not allowed to repeat it, until your 3 months are completed. You will then be allowed only after 2-3 months.

Q20. Will I get the Marksheet Instantly?

Yes, after completing your test. You will get your Marksheets.

Q21. Will I get the certificates Immediately?

Yes, as you clear your trainings and clears the tests. Your certificates will be issued immediately.

Q22. How to Apply for the Trainings?

Counseling and Demo

ID proof’s, Agreement and Admission Slips

Must have a Computer and a Internet

Q23. Duration of the Trainings

Training Duration is for 3 months, out of which you will be covered all your pending topics, though we try to target it till 2 months.

  • 2 months – Training Practical or Theoritical
  • 2 Months – Retraining Practical or Theoritical
  • 2 months – Internships and Job Interviews

Q24. How to apply for the Internship?

you firstly need to give some tests related to communication, Typing Test, Tests related to the course you have completed. After getting your scores, produce your certificates and contact contact number and speak to the Recruiter, they will help you to get the internship.

Usually Internships are of 2 Types

  1. Paid Internships
  2. Unpaid Internships ( Recommended, as your focus is more towards learnings)

Q25. Duration of the Internship

Duration of the Internship can be from 15 days to 6 months.

However we stress to get you the internship in between 45 days to 3 months minimum

Q26. Do I have a Job Assurance?

Ofcourse, thats why these courses have been introduced, We are a placement agency and we understand exactly where the candidate’s are lacking to get a backend jobs, front end jobs, etc…

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