Excel Shortcuts

We have listed out certain Excel Shortcuts , which are useful. Excel is a spreadsheet program. It helps the business in compiling all the financial data in a concise format with visual representation. We can create pivot charts and graphs of different types. 

We can use  Excel to do all calculations through sorted formulas in a single click.

Advance Excel has an important role in the business world. To switch often from mouse to keyboard and vice versa, are voidal timings. So our placement consultancy has come up with certain shortcuts. These will definitely improve productivity. 


Some of the basic Excel Shortcuts are-


Insert row or column Ctrl + =
Delete row or column Ctrl +  –
Insert new sheet Alt + Shift + F1
Hide rows Ctrl + 9
Hide columns Ctrl + 0
Find Ctrl + F
Replace Ctrl + H
Open home from ribbon bar Alt + H
Align Left Alt + L
Align Right Alt + R
Align Centre Alt + C
Print Ctrl + P
Go to Alt + H + G
Select the entire column Ctrl + spacebar
Select the entire row  Shift + Spacebar

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Apart from these excel shortcuts, there are hundreds of formulas, which are used for calculations. Once a Job seeker learns Advance Excel.  And can use them with Excellence by clubbing them.


Importance of Excel



Advance Excel aids the user to build a customized calculator as per the need. By personalising the formulas.



Pie charts, scatter charts, line charts, bar charts, histogram, area charts, and many more can be done with excel. Number of rows and columns can be transformed into these visual data.




One can protect their sheet and set different features to access it. Either restriction to all or warning to edit. We can protect the entire sheet or certain cells. Excel also provides a key or password to secure the data.



Apart from the basic function of putting the filter, Excel also allow users to highlight the specific cells. 

This is mostly used by warehouse keepers as it helps in marking those cells automatically which are  under stocked. 

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