Rules of Group Discussion – 

Rules of Group Discussion – 

The group usually consists of 6 to 12 members. They are given a topic and a few minutes to prepare. one needs to club all the outstanding points. For more information, you should check the mock group discussions video. Try to participate, if given a chance in public speaking. 


Pile up the information in your mind

The topic is highly uncertain so its better to keep updated globally.It helps you to provide a bundle of points regarding the topic.

Some of the common group discussion topics can be-

  • Current Affairs
  • Data crunching
  • Historical topics
  • Sports, games
  • Arts & Literature


Make sure the topic is clear

When the topic is provided, understand the topic carefully. If you have some doubt regarding the topic, ask immediately. Clarity of the topic is of really importance. Else you can be lost in the GD, and wouldn’t know what everyone is talking about


Precise and sharp thoughts

You will get a minute to prepare and jot down all the points in your head before starting. Try to stick to precise and concise thoughts. In a Group Discussion, it is always quality over quantity. Let your views be relevant and to the point. 


Communicating your views

Even if you have excellent views on the topic, but make sure you are able to communicate them in an effective manner. 


Taking the initiative

Try to initiate the Group Discussion. By taking the initiative, you will be giving a structure to the discussion and defining the manner in which the discussion will progress. This will depict your personality as a person who can facilitate actions by breaking the ice and take a lead. But somehow if you are unable to pull it through, then it will backfire completely. 


Knowledge about the topic

When you are talking on the GD  topic, choose your points in a manner that they convey the depth of knowledge that you possess. Mentioning the recent examples or hypothetical situations can clear up more understanding to  your points.

While jotting down the points, have back points too, because there are chances that your points are already spoken by other person of GD.

Make eye contact with everyone on the table while they speak or while you speak. This shows that you’re alert.

Pay attention to your body language.


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