Virtual Hiring

Companies have gradually adapted the work from home policies to ensure ongoing business without compromising the health status of employees. However recruitment process has to take a new shift from traditional hiring to virtual hiring


Stick to the standards though Virtual hiring
Till now virtual interviews carry a subtle sense of informality. But staying home is new normal so this should be changed. Recruiters must follow the same strict interview policies at the time of hiring.

Additionally one must extend the same level of courtesy while online hiring, share the scheduled interview link well in advance.

Candidates preparation and skills should be noted foremost and the recruiter mustn’t be biased to the environment. Because at home, there can’t be the exact environment as at the office.
But at the same hand candidates should also figure out the least interrupted zone and high internet zone too.

Recruiters can use technology based assessment tests like psychometric and aptitude tests and customize them as per the job requirements and cultural fitment. For IT candidates, recruiters can provide various virtual platforms and also offer customized solutions for coding interviews to test candidates on specific coding skills and competencies..

HR leaders can conduct the onboarding, training, orientation, and engagement of the selected candidates through virtual mode too

Apart from safety, Virtual Hiring is economical too. Click here to know about Virtual professional world. 

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