1. What is internship?  Apply for Internship Now
Ans An Internship is a great opportunity for beginners and Freshers or the passionate peoples who want to begin their career, and want to be groomed by industry experts who have a very good no. of experience in the market, while you yourself provide your fresh and unique service to them, which is still untouched in the market.

2. What are types of internship?   Apply for Internship Now
Ans There are many types of internships in market, but there are mainly two types of internships, they are paid and unpaid internship, in paid internship we take charges for providing service to the organization from where we are taking internship, while we don’t charge anything in unpaid internship and work for free in the organization, the unpaid internship is mainly provided by non-profit organizations.

3. Why you should join internship after doing a course? Apply for Internship Now
Ans We all learn great and unique skills while doing the courses in our own respective fields, but we have a lack of implementations of those skills in real life, therefore we should do internship after doing a course as it helps to enhance implement and enhance our skills.

4. Why you should join internship before doing a job? Apply for Internship Now
Ans An Internship help us to know the practical implementation of the tasks which are needed to be followed according to their job portfolio, it helps us to know our weakness and strength in managing the work and provide us confidence in executing our work at proper time, it also increases your chances to get job as you have got the experience of practical knowledge in your field of job.

5. For how long one should do internship? Apply for Internship Now
Ans A person should do internship till the time they are not satisfied with their own way of work and should continue to improve themselves, they can also try to get recruit in the firm where they are doing internship, if they see a bright future in that organization.

6. What challenges you will have to face in the internships? Apply for Internship Now
Ans An Internship is just the starting phase of challenges in your working life, in internships you get to face many challenges, but you also get the knowledge of tackling it though, the first challenge is of taking the responsibility of your work which will be also required in your whole life.

7. Are online courses better than offline? Apply for Internship Now
Ans Online classes are better than offline classes as they are more convenient, equips you to use global technology, cost-effective and can be seen anytime at your own comfort.

8. Internship platforms in India? Apply for Internship Now
1) Internshala
2) Naukri
3) Indeed
4) Internship
5) LearnIntern

9. Internship platforms in the USA? Apply for Internship Now
1) LinkedIn
2) Glassdoor
3) Chegg
5) LearnIntern