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Services For Employers

Employers are placing a very crucial role in boosting Indian Economy, in order to align the interest of Employment, we ensure that our Clients remain happy and satisfied with our […]

Buy Resume

A resume database is a collection of resumes or CVs from job candidates that are stored in a digital format. These databases can be created and maintained by job search […]

Job Posting Service

Post Jobs for Free on our Facebook Community of 20,000+ Subscribers. Click here Post Jobs for Free on our Telegram Community. Click here Send JD & Company Profile on del@placementconsultancy.in […]

Background Employee Check

An employee background check is a process of verifying the information provided by a job candidate on their resume, job application, and during the interview process. This check may include […]

Employer Tieups

RFI Form Request for Information Company Name Contact Person Name Contact Person’s Job Title Contact Email Address Contact Phone Number Company Address Industry/Sector Number of Employees Types of Positions to […]