Online Web Resume with the power of QRcode

Technology Era has taken over, most of the methods are obsolete now and new methods has taken over.

Remember the days when you print Ten Resume’s in order to apply for a job and get a job.

Times have changed.

New World is more economical and more environmental friendly, now you don’t need a Hard copy of your Resume and you don’t need to burn hundreds of Rupees in order to get the lot of copies of your Resume.

Just share your Resume to team, they will prepare your online resume, that is easy to share on WhatsApp, emails, social media etc.

Even if you meet someone on Railway Station, Metro, Bus Stand or you get to meet someone in the office just share your Resume link to the person, Voilà, your resume is now accessible by the other party without them to download the copy of your resume.

To make the process easier and fast, you can convert your online Resume link to the QR code, if you don’t want to remember the URL link

Just ask the other party to scan the QR code, and they can get complete details of your Resume